Cavern or cave dream meaning

Cavern or cave dreams by DreamMean
To dream of seeing a cavern yawning in the weird moonlight before you, many perplexities will assail you, and doubtful advancement because of adversaries. Work and health is threatened.

To be in a cave foreshadows change. You will probably be estranged from those who are very dear to you.

For a young woman to walk in a cave with her lover or friend, denotes she will fall in love with a villain and will suffer the loss of true friends.

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Fence, Stumble, Wild, Hills, Countenance, Vatican, Furnace, Steps, Stilts, Precipice, Fits, Heir, Antelope, Raffle, Mortification, Goldfish, Fainting, Jumping, Banana, Orchestra, Commandment, Steeple, Plaster, Parcel, Idle, Load, Fraud, Scaffold, Marble, Postage, Above, Enchantment, Cavern or Cave,... (read all at source)

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